Pathways to a Healthy Bernalillo County

A Pathway Begins with an identified problem, including several action steps to address the problem, and concludes with a meaningful outcome for the client.  Pathways are designed for a multitude of different health and / or social issues that if completed, should result in a better health, overall wellness, and increased self-sufficiency.
  • Connecting underserved country residents with health care and other support systems and assisting them as they navigate through it
  • Coordinating services for individuals, which result in positive health outcomes and/ or improved wellbeing
  • Assuring Collaborative planning and working towards improvement of our health care system.
  • People in Bernalillo County will self-report better health.
  • People in Bernalillo County will have a health care home.
  • Health and social service networks in Bernalillo County will be strengthened and user friendly.
  • Advocacy and collaboration will lead to improved health systems.

A collaboration between Bernalillo County and UNM Health Service Center.  The Office of Community affairs Manages Pathways.  The UNM Hospital Board of Trustees oversees the project, and the Pathways Community Advisory Group provides guidance on project implementation

Distinct Pathways

Behavioral Health

Child Care

Child Support

Dental Care



Domestic Violence

Education / GED


Food security

Heat & Utilities

Health Care Home

Homelessness Prevention


Income Support

Legal Services

Medical Debt

Pharmacy / Medications 


Substance Use / Abuse


Vision & hearing

If you are having trouble in any of these areas, please contact our Pathway Navigators listed below.


Jane Guevara

Pathway’s Navigator


Monica Lechuga

Pathway’s Navigator


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