Baile Folklorico

A dance class for the whole family! The Baile Folklorico class is an intergenerational dance class that celebrates Mexican history, identity, and culture. The class also brings the family together, and promotes fun and exercise.

Soccer Practice

ACCESS has led multiple soccer practice groups. Some for just kids and some for the whole family. Soccer practice develops leadership skills such as team work and discipline in our players. In addition, soccer is a great form of exercise, and encourages an active and healthy lifestyle.

UNM School of Medicine

ACCESS has partnered up with the UNM Medical School students to deliver this unique class. Three times a month, medical students come teach children what they are currently learning in school. Participants gain knowledge about their body, biology, and get insight on the medical world. This class is meant to inspire curiosity about the medical field, and hopefully inspire kids to pursue a career in medicine.

Cooking for Health

Adults are invited to learn how to live a more healthy lifestyle. This bilingual class, presented by a doctor, offers healthy recipes, recipes for certain health conditions, and overall tips on how to maintain good health.

We also provide a program for kids during the adult class. The kids learn about nutrition, good health practices, and exercise techniques. We wish to inspire the kids to live a healthy active life.

Access Enrichment Program

Through this program, children can receive opportunities to develop their artistic and intellectual abilities, gain health, emotional, and psychological benefits, develop a greater understanding of their responsibility to their community, and connect their culture to everyday life. Furthermore, the breadth of experiences is essential for helping students think about future career paths.


Taza is a bilingual weekly networking event. Members of the small-business community and their supporters come together to participate in a networking discussion to find ways and opportunities to help each other’s businesses grow.

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